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Costumes: Please be sure to READ all the descriptions. Pictures may be different than what we are asking you get do. Remember to get creative and have fun with it!

**Santa, Fake Santa, Macy's Workers/Saleswoman/Santa's Helper - Your costume will be provided by us. I will let you know if you need something additional for that costume.

Buddy(s) - Your main Elf costume will be provided. You will need to get your suit costume. Any darker suit is fine, it doesn't have to be a certain color or style.  Make sure you have a change of shoes too (Payton forgot during this dress rehearsal). You'll need a bag similar to this one too. I think we have one in storage, but I will look. 

Jovie(s) -  Your "elf" costume and Macy's Worker costume are being provided. You will also need 3 additional costumes. 2 basic winter-time in NYC outfits and 1 nicer "first date-but-its-cold" outfit. 

Walter -  You will need any style/color dark suit. You'll also need 3 different shirts and ties to switch out for different scenes.  You'll also need a long winter coat. (You can look in our storage for a coat). Dress shoes to match suit. 

Emily -  You will need  4 outfits total. Use the photos below for "rich mom" inspiration. You'll also need a long winter coat and a christmas-y pajamas with a robe. (You can look through our costumes for the robe and coat)

Michael -  You will need 4 outfits total, including the Christmas-y pajamas. Use the photos below for inspiration. Make sure you pick outfits that are comfortable to move and dance in. Make sure your shoes do not prevent you from dancing. 

ELVES -  Please stick to these colors only. No traditional red or green. Think "candy land" colors. In the past, most people bought a pastel dress (for girls) and shirt and shorts (boys) and then added accessories like feather trim, puff balls, ribbon, lace, etc. See examples below. For the hats, almost all the hats were made using this tutorial.  Please do not order a full elf costume online. We want the costumes to look original and creative. You can order hats and/or accessories to add to your costume. You do not have to order elf slippers/shoes. Your "elf" can wear ballet flats, plain tennis shoes, dance shoes, or something similar. You you are unsure about shoes, just ask me or send a picture.

ELVES COSTUME #2: All elves will also be in the second half of the show in the song "There is a Santa Claus." This should be a very simple costume for everyone. You'll just need a set of matching pajamas. Please make sure they are age appropriate and not made of thin material. (When light on stage hits your child, we don't want to see their undies.) You can wear a robe too if you are uncomfortable being in just your pjs. Anything you'd wear at Christmas time is fine. 

Sam, Deb/Business Woman, and Charlotte Dennon:

Sam will need 3 outfits, all business/dressy. Have at least one dress that is purple. 

Deb will need 4 outfits, all business/dressy. Feel free to mix and match pieces so you don't have a lot to keep up with. 

Charlotte: You just need one business/dressy outfit.

Mr. Greenway, Matthews, and Chadwick: Any kind of suit or Jacket/shirt/pants combo is good. You need to look professional. 

Police Officers/Security -  You will need black pants and a blue (navy or light) button up shirt. It can be short or long sleeve. We have the badges and officer hats that you will use. You'll need black (or almost black) shoes too.  

Macy's Manager: Dress pants, button up, green or red sweater vest, green or red bow tie. You'll also need a winter jacket for your second scene.

Jogger Santa: You'll need a red hoodie and pants. (If you can only find a red hoodie, that's fine, just wear leggings or black bottoms.) You will not need a beard 

Flyer Guys, Comforting New Yorker, Teenager, Passerby, Darlene Lambert, Emma Von Brocklin, Other New Yorkers in "World's Greatest Dad," "A Christmas Song," and "A Christmas Song Reprise"

Winter clothes of any kind/style/color. Dress like you'd be outside on a cold, winter day.