We're thrilled to get started with you this holiday season! You all are so amazing and we are ready to get to work on an amazing show. If you haven't already, please locate the "BamaRep Moana Jr Cast/Crew" group on Facebook. All communication from our team to the parents and cast members will be through this Facebook group. If you don't have a Facebook profile, please let us know immediately. 

At Bama Rep, our policy is to never turn a child away from a show. If you auditioned for the show but you don't see your name listed, we can assure you this is an error on our end and we want to correct our mistake! Please contact Santana at santana.m.carlton@gmail.com to have your name added to our cast list. 

The Parent and Cast Meeting is Saturday, January 20 at 10:00 am at our Studio in Attalla. 

2024 Moana Jr Cast List

Te Fiti/Te Ka - Ruby Kate Parris

Chief Tui - Sammy Said

Sina - Charity Davidson

Gramma Tala - LeAnn Hall

Moana - Sofia Kelly

Pua - Emma Grace Owens 

HeiHei - Landon Hoermann

Maui - Dillan Kelly

Tamatoa - Dax Denton

Tamatoa’s Sidekicks - Tessly Kirchner and Sarah Crow

Chief Ancestors - Ethan Spoon, Will Thomas, Grey Stephens

Villager 1 - Brianna Lowery

Villager 2 - River Owens

Villager 3 - Smith Gilmer

Villager 4 - Daylin Smith

Villager 5 - Dylan Lewis

Villager 6 - Elias Rhudy

Fisher 1 - Gabe Loggins

Fisher 2 - Cedric Jenkins

Shiny Ensemble - Halle Winn, Cadence Brown, Magnolia Woodcock, Stella Mullinax-Cornutt, Auggie Parris, Thallia Kelly, Saige Lancaster, Emma Grace Owens, Rileigh Fox, Hadlee Haft, Alley Holland, Gracelyn Caudle, Clementine Hilburn, Brentley Stephens, Parker Medders, Landry Love, Saydee Carroll, Juliana Smith, Payton Gaskin, Lucy Montgomery, Aaleyah Goggins, Paisley Chattman, Abbi McCrary

Kakamora “Monster” Ensemble - Jack Carlton, Levi Ginyard, Kayson Winn, Anderson Pierce, Jasen Bowman, Ryder Lancaster, Landon Hoermann, Gabe Loggins, Elias Rhudy, Jacob Pugh, Wyatt Gilmer

(Both the Ocean and Village Ensembles will be used often throughout the show.)

Ocean Ensemble - Abbi Henson, Sarah Jones, Marisa Carroll, Molly Reynolds, Rinnah Wright, Leah Jaggears, Avery Cordi, Chloe Henson, Madison Cordi, Tessly Kirchner, Dax Denton, Sarah Crow, Cedric Jenkins, Salem Motes, River Owens, Smith Gilmer, Jacob Pugh, Ruby Kate Parris

Village Ensemble - Kate Averette, Abbi Gray, Reese Walters, Maylee Smith, Ella Huffman, Brianna Lowery, Dylan Lewis, Daylin Smith, Gwen Tucker, Lola Lewis, Aubrey Abney, Maddison Carroll, Elias Rhudy, Gabe Loggins, Allie Walden, Morgan Dollar, Wyatt Gilmer